No Peter Som Show at Fashion Week

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More bad news for Fashion Week, if you can bare it:

Peter Som will not be showing his Fall 2009 collection, due to a breakup with his backer, Creative Design Studios.

Elana Posner, President and CEO of Peter Som Inc, says they'd already planned on reducing the size of the collection anyway, meaning the show wouldn't have been anywhere near the 38 looks Som showed for Spring 09 anyway.

Buyers and members of the press can still (most likely) expect some kind of showroom presentation, which probably means that lookbook style photos will probably still make it online, so worry not if all you want is to see the clothes before it hits the stores.

Which makes us think: We - along with pretty much everybody who's honest with themselves - have known for a long time that Fashion Week is, dare we say it?, unnecessary. Because if it really is about just seeing the clothes, you can actually see them best on, truth be told, especially if it's the same kind of high-gear show that the big designers (Marc, DVF, Herve) usually throw. So after this Fashion Week is over, and so many designers pull out of the shows to find themselves totally unscathed sales-wise (and maybe even with a few extra dollars in their budget considering that even modest shows cost upwards of $15,000,) will they even want to return to the stress and grandeur of what is basically the most hyped-up trade show on earth?

Guess we'll know by Spring 2010...

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