No Barneys at LFW

julie gilhart of barneys.jpg

Some bad news for any designers showing at London Fashion Week hoping for their designs in the Barneys windows:

According to Rebecca at, Julie Gilhart will be skipping the London shows, something the Barneys princess did last season, too (also money related), for the first time in twenty years.

So far, Julie's the first big name to definitely drop out of LFW, though we bet there are more to come.

This is sad for Barneys, which is beloved by serious shoppers for their all-over-the-place stock, but especially sad for small designers coming out of the UK - Few well known stores carry as many young designers as Barneys, and now it might get a lot harder for designers to make an impression on Julie since she won't be seeing the London shows in person.

So if you're a young designer coming out of London hoping for some stateside exposure, we suggest putting together the best in-place-of-show package ever. But you're probably already working on that.

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