Nightcap: Ruffed Up

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This week of fashion parties continued with last night's celebration of Ruffian's new book, Ruffian Inside Out.

Though the book, written by’s Executive Editor Nicole Phelps, officially launched in April, we've been loving it since their AW09 show in February. Jamie Isaia's photographs of Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are basically fashion porn.

Thus the party was a celebration not just of the book, but of the talented designers themselves. John Demsey, Group President of Estée Lauder, played host, even offering up his own home for the night and we spotted everyone from Simon Doonan and Rachel Roy to MAC ûber makeup artist James Kaliardos.

MAC has a special relationship with the brand and the book — they created a limited edition, just-for-Fashion-Week, not sold in stores lipstick shade for the Fall 2009 show called Ruffian Red, (which Britt obsessively rocked throughout Fashion month) that they so generously handed out again last night.

I also got a sneak peek at those fabulous Jin Soon-created polishes we mentioned last month and I can tell you, judging by the gorgeous orchid shade I saw, the collection is going to be fantastic.


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