My First Fake Louis, In One Act

my fake louis wallet small.jpg

[Britt and Natalie sit in the backseat of a cab, on their way to the Doo.Ri Under.Ligne launch, last night. Taped to the back of the cab's partition is a cute drawing of a cartoon cab with the slogan "This is a happy cab" written above it.]

Britt (to Driver): West 26th Street, between...

Driver: 11th and 12th?

Britt and Natalie: Yeah...

Driver: Yes, I just took three people there, no problem!

Britt (to Natalie): Wow, this cab driver is really nice.

Natalie (to Britt): Well, it is a happy cab. [Giggle]

[Several minutes pass, during which the driver asks polite questions, laughs, and remains generally jovial while wearing his "Dooney & Bourke" baseball cap. The cab arrives at the destination. Britt exits, and Natalie waits for the receipt.]

Driver: Just one more second, sorry, it's still printing.

Natalie: Oh, it's ok! I really love this Happy Cab painting by the way.

Driver: Oh!

[The driver exits the car, leaving Natalie inside. As he rummages through his trunk, Natalie quietly opens the door, having decided to wait for the receipt while standing safely on the sidewalk.]

Driver: Here you go! One for everyone who mentions the Happy Cab!

[The Driver hands Natalie the small, "Louis Vuitton" wallet, at left.]

Natalie: [Making a face not unlike Jim from The Office] Uh -

Aaaaaand, scene.

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