Museum Worthy Moss

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Les Arts Decoratifs, in Paris, will curate an entire exhibit dedicated to Kate Moss: The Myth, in the fall of next year.

"The Myth" refers to her advertising power, though we'd call that something more along the lines of cold hard fact than mythical legend.

According to WWD, the museum, and its curator Pamela Golbin, have just begun work compiling a collection of Kate's work, but are already having trouble because almost everything is concentrated in the hands of her agency. They've, "kept hold of absolutely everything she's done from the very beginning, including archive material from two decades ago."

We might be some of Kate's biggest fans, but even we've let go of our stash of 90's magazines, (though we'll admit, we think she's improved significantly with age). We'd love to see the trajectory of her advertising career from Calvin to basically every single luxury brand gathered in one place.

Guess we need to plan another trip to Paris. Damn.

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