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Good news from the Giles Deacon camp!

This morning WWD reports that the beloved Brit designer is entering into a new deal with Italian manufacturer and distributor Castor Srl that will expand(!) his business.

The company (which used to produce and distribute 6267) will take over production for 90% of the runway collection. But not to fret, Castor is a small operation that produces much of its work by hand, so we shouldn't see a drop in quality.

Translation: distribution is going to go up from 38 doors to between 120-140, and hopefully quadruple the sales.

Sounds like a good idea to us. We support any plan that brings the clothes the way Giles likes 'em to more people.

Please, economy, send more happy expansion stories our way. There are only so many store closings and layoff stories a girl can take.

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