MJ on Ebay


So, you gotta figure there's going to be a new rush on those red leather jackets (both the Beat It and the Thriller versions) right?

I just popped over to Ebay and there definitely weren't as many for sale as I'd expected. Maybe sellers are hanging onto them now or perhaps that run already happened this morning.

The zipper jacket is definitely the more iconic of the two, and the one I'd snag if I was a collector. There seem to be a plethora of replicas of the other style, somewhat diluting its specialness.

If you've got an extra two grand lying around and yesterday's events have stirred a long-forgotten Jackson obsession, head here now. It looks pretty real deal to me.

On the other hand, originals of the famous Farrah poster are running around $100, with signed copies going as high as $500.

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