Mischa's Going to Play a Model

mischa barton is playing a model.jpg

We don't know - and can't imagine - why, so we'll just give you the facts:

1. Ashton Kutcher is starting another television show, this time for the CW (home of the fashion-centric Gossip Girl), and this time about models.

2. It's going to be based on his experiences having grown up as a model from Iowa, though it looks like it's supposed to be fiction.

3. Actress/former Keds girl/handbag designer Mischa Barton will star in the series as Sonia, "a successful model who keeps the competition at bay but also advises the younger ones, at the end of the month."

Which kind of makes it sound like it's supposed to be a fake reality show, which sounds perfectly in line with the rest of the information.

But most pressing: Can it top High Heel Boot Camp?

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