Mid-Day Snack


Kate Reigns: Just in case you thought Kate Moss would ever be less sartorially influential, think again. Here's a rundown of all the resort shows inspired by the super. If anyone can convince us to wear gold lamé, well, it's obviously Kate. {StyleFile}

Oh Goody: Vanessa Bruno's making a short film staring Lou Doillon. Stephanie Di Giusto will direct and there will be a screening in July before it's available online. {Fashionologie}

Beam Me Up Scotty: Band Of Outsider's Scott Sternberg answers W's questions on the CFDAs and NY vs LA. He says that if Paris Hilton tried to wear his clothes he'd tell her, "That the moon is on fire and she better get outside and help put it out right this instant." As if we could love him more. {W}

Same Old, Same Old: We are creatures of habit, but we're still not sure we could wear one dress, and one dress only, for a whole year. Having the same thing for lunch each afternoon, not a problem. {Guardian UK}

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