Mid-Day Snack


Girl On Film: Home schooled kids so did not look like this where we grew up. And they certainly didn't get to appear in ads with Bambi. {W}

Hot Damn! The big three are looking killer. Can we age this way, pretty please? {Fashion Gone Rogue}

Just Like US: Janice Min is leaving US Weekly after spending years making it one of the few bright spots in gloomier by the day magazine land. But if we had to look at that many pictures of the Gosselins, we'd probably want to bolt too. {Gawker}

Welcome to the Club: The CFDA named 31 new members including Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, and MK & A. Big ups to you all. {WWD}

"I'm A Little Frumpy": So says the president in defense of wearing the same jeans that my dad wears every weekend. We actually find it rather comforting. {HuffPo}

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