Mid-Day Snack


Kinky Mickey: These S&M meets Mickey Mouse ears that Stephen Jones created for Ascot are one more reason to love the fantastical milliner. {VogueUK}

Forget Disneyland: If we won a lawsuit we'd go shopping, too. 50 Cent just dropped $33,000 on Tom Ford suits. {NYPost}

But We All Wanna Be Like Kate: Beth Ditto wouldn't perform at Topshop without designing her own line. They said no, but gave her Evans and now plus-size lines are popping up everywhere. Ruth La Ferla discusses. {NYTimes}

W in Jersey? Someone over at W has actually eaten at the restaurant where the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, aka the best episode EVER, took place. Perhaps it's time for a Zip car road trip. {W}

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