Mid-Day Snack


Cover Boy: GQ and Bruno...together at last. We would have killed to be on that set. {NY Post}

Who's the Fairest of them All? Vanity Fair's trying to figure out who the best looking man is. We hear our favorite polo player, Nacho, is pulling away from our favorite vampire, R Patz. May the best man win. {Vanity Fair}

Who Wears Short Shorts? Well, maybe they weren't all that short but Alex Wang rocked some at the CFDAs. In a shocking twist, Marc wore pants. {StyleFile}

TMI: We now know more about the self-proclaimed world's first supermodel than we ever cared to. {Jezebel}

Cape Marriage: Despite internet rumors to the contrary, MJ says he and Lorenzo are still doing the "I dos" in Provincetown. {FWD}

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