Mid-Day Snack


Blonde Ambition: Sessilee lightens up in Vogue Italia. We rather like it. {FashionGoneRogue}

Dirrrty Riot Grrrls: We can't wait to see what sartorial decisions Christina Aguilera makes based on her new musical collabo with feminist trio Le Tigre. Maybe she'll bring back some weirdo pants just to spite Lady Gaga. {Popwatch}

The Baron Returns: Fabien's back in at Interview. We get why they need his creativity, but still haven't quite decided what the upside is for him. Word has it much more staff shuffling is to come. {FWD}

Model Girfriend: Kanye's lady (or maybe ex?) Amber Rose just signed with Ford. We're supposed to see him at a party tonight...stay tuned tomorrow for updated relationship status. {Racked}

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