Mid-Day Snack


Girl Crush: We've had a major one on Kim Gordon since our days of reading Sassy. Time and this video have only made our hearts grow fonder. {Style}

My soccer team won its championship game last week and I took home what I though was a pretty kick ass trophy for Brooklyn co-ed soccer. But it would not impress this art director. {TheMoment}

In Memoriam: Alexander McQueen's sequined Isabella Blow dress is going for $1098 - it was originally $7390. {Gilt}

I Wanna Be a Supermodel:
But I never will be. So if you think you can, you should probably apply to Elite Chicago's online modeling competition. {Elite}

Catherine Malandrino Logs On: The designer and Make Me a Supermodel judge has a new website. It's really colorful and pretty, just like her clothes. There's a shopping section now, too. {CatherineMalandrino}

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