Men's Vogue Update: Now Vogue's Underling

mens vogue patrick dempsey.jpg

The cut backs we reported first at Men's Vogue this morning just got some new details via a statement Conde Nast released to Media Week:

Not only is the magazine definitely cutting down their issue count to just two per year - a Spring and Fall addition - but the magazine will also be "absorbed" into Vogue.

Translation? It'll probably become a small version that's bagged with the regular Vogue, kind of like Fashion Rocks.

Meaning? There must be a lot of lay-offs at 4 Times Square today, especially since it's just now been announced that Portfolio, Conde's business magazine, will be cutting its own issue count to just ten per year, which will inevitably lead to some people being let go.

This is all coming to a head after Conde's announcement of a company-wide budget cut of 5%.

You'd think they could dig into that by cutting back on car services and multi-day department Starbucks runs.

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