Men's Vogue, Meet Lady Vogue

robert downey jr saves mens vogue.jpg

In October, we reported that Men's Vogue would be absorbed into normal Vogue.

We figured the boy copy would get thrown in with the girl copy - a supplement a la Fashion Rocks - but they've gotten more creative.

Vogue's Publishing Director Tom Florio explained the final chapter (we hope) in the magazine's saga. Twice a year, starting in April for the first time in its history, Vogue will publish a reverse cover. That means Gwyneth on one side and Robert Downey Jr. on the other (Note: We don't actually know who Vogue's April cover girl is).

It's kind of a brilliant move because we'll definitely read it if it's stuck inside our regular Vogue even though we've never bought it before. And instead of shrinking into oblivion, its circulation will more than double. And Vogue should, of course, be thrilled with their extra ad pages.

The only thing we don't get is this sentence from WWD: "But sources estimate there are about 25 ad pages so far, including Ralph Lauren on the second cover." Is Ralph the second cover star? Because a Ralph ad can't be on the cover. Someone explain, please.

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