Mayle Says, “Surprise! Not Closing Yet”

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Back when Jane Mayle announced she would be closing up shop next month, everyone shared pretty much the same reaction: Sadness and disappointment with an undertone of "I've got to hit their next sale."

So you'd think that today's news of Mayle holding off her closing until April - and tucking a "highly limited-edition collection" into the crunched time space, too - would have brought only one response from everyone, but maybe not so.

One half of the Fashionista office was all, "Yay! Another shot at cute Mayle clothes before summer! Hope there are little dresses."

The other half: "Whoa, really? That seems a little sneaky - Getting sales off all the hype from closing? And while everyone's been clamoring to get a piece from her last, or what was her last, collection? It's a little off-putting, though I'm sure it'll all be great stuff."

So is this kind of like a backhanded piece of good news?

We'll think about this afternoon - But of course, see you at the store, right?

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