Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

mary k aw09 .JPG

Central Saint Martins grad Mary Katrantzou showed her collection right after Mark Fast's.

Her bold prints were inspired by perfume bottles, sometimes abstractedly and sometimes so literally that I could see the Hermes ribbons and the shape of Lancome's Tresor.

The prints were the easiest thing to notice but the dresses themselves were beautifully made. A long column in black and silver cut down the middle to reveal a panel of sheer grey fabric begged to be walked down a red carpet.

Mary began her career as a jewelry designer and stylist Keegan Singh accessorized the dresses with bold chunky gold and black necklaces and bracelets that were just as covetable as the clothes.

They're the kind of dresses you can only wear once - but you want to wear them everyday.

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