Marky Ramone + Tommy Hilfiger = Rock Scene…

tommy hilfiger and marky ramone at paper mag party.jpg

Fact: Tommy Hilfiger's brother, Andy, used to be in a band with former Ramones drummer, Marky Ramone.

Fact: Hence, Tommy and Marky have known each other for 23 years.

New Fact? Marky and Tommy are launching a clothing line together, Rock Scene, which will consist of pants, leather jackets, and tees with images from the old CBGB club on them.

Not only does this explain Marky's seemingly inexplicable gig as DJ at a Tommy party a year ago, but it kind of makes all that moaning and groaning over John Varvatos taking up the old CBGB space - where the Ramones played their first shows at the beginning of their legendary career - with his store seem a little overdone (or warranted? Depends on who you're talking to...)

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