Marios Schwab Goes 3-D, Sort Of

marios schwab aw09 .jpg

Marios Schwab's stiff white invitation was embedded with squares of red and blue film to make a handy pair of 3-D glasses.

It was also at the Topshop venue, which means food. So I hauled myself to the University of Westminster - in the battle of hunger versus exhaustion, the former almost always wins - and, despite last season's disappointing show, absolutely loved Schwab's Fall 09 collection.

I also loved watching Daphne Guinness in the front row - watching the way that woman dresses and conducts herself is like watching an editorial come to life, a really great one.

Anyway, Schwab's dresses were beautifully built, creative and colorful - so much color this fall. It's like he started with shifts and constructed frames around them, folding and dipping fabric to position the basic dress within a sort of shell. The bold prints stood on their own, without help from the 3-D glasses. In fact, everyone lifted their invite at the first sign of a psychedelic print, shook their head and put it down. You didn't want anything in the way of you and these clothes.

And that was only the second show of the best day of the season.

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