Marie Claire Hires Supermodel, Camera Crew (Unrelated)

Marie Claire certainly knows how to generate some buzz in this dwindling ad climate:

They're following in the steps of Interview and GQ, and hiring a supermodel for some light editorial work. The December issue premieres Christy Turlington's soon-to-be regular column, which will feature "topics such as politics, mothers around the world and her global travels for humanitarian causes."

Also, MC is apparently filming their own reality show right now, Running in Heels, meant to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at putting together a fashion magazine.

Which kind of makes us wonder - beyond hiring the pretty people and filming the crazy ones, what other sort of gimmicks will print magazines come up with to draw extra attention to themselves after every big book shoots their own prime time mockumentary and hands over page space to celebrities? Next move: pop up issues and music when you open the cover? A game show with the top prize of getting your own magazine to edit?

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