Marc Jacobs Show Downsized

marc jacobs spring 09 opening look.jpg

Because so many publications are cutting back on sending editors overseas to Fashion Week, plenty of people thought attendance at the shows would still be great because people who just couldn't make the list last time would get bumped up, and all the seats at the shows would remain filled, but maybe with slightly different people.

But not so for the Marc Jacobs show, where the normal guest list of 2,000 has been cut down to just 700.

In fact, according to Robert Duffy, there will only be "one or two celebrities" (the Marc show usually attracts a front row that reads like a Golden Globes nominees list) and no entourages (guess that cancels out JLo).

The first of the Marc Fall 09 cut backs was the cancellation of the after-party, mourned by many but totally understood.

But cutting back on the show's set, too? We just hope all the saved money's going towards the clothes.

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