Manish: The Lion King Meets Harry Potter

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I met a hair stylist last night who readily declared that, "Everything is boring," in a perfectly indifferent French accent.

Givenchy? "So bored."

Stella? "Don't care. Ossie Clark and ThreeAsFour were not awful."

He should've gone to Manish Arora. The Indian designer started his show with a leopard spotted dancer who danced before and around the first model. She wore a black lace dress with glittery lion face shoulders, followed by a monkey purse, sequined birds and a dress embroidered with Simba-looking lions. Finally, a friend passed the credits sheet under my eyes and pointed to a fine print mention about collaborating with Disney and using characters from The Jungle Book and The Lion King. No mention of Harry Potter, which is strange since the moving head piece above bore a striking resemblance to the Quidditch snitch.

Regardless of the movie references, the bright colors, insane details and creative references put on a great, and never boring, show. There were a couple of dresses in there we'd even wear including the black and bejeweled structured shift and the billowy purple and white dress. And if we knew where to buy Manish in the states, we'd be placing an order for the tie-dyed tights.

Plus, as someone said walking out, "We could all use a healthy dose of positivity."

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