LVMH Flirting With Gareth?

Gareth Pugh showed his first full menswear collection in Paris last night.

The "visionary" collection - super skinny pants, platform patent boots, chain mail vests - might've sparked LVMH's interest, according to The Telegraph. Delphine Arnault, Bernard's daughter, sat in the front row and personally congratulated Gareth on his show.

The editorial darling could be a big financial risk for LVMH (whose stable of fashion brands include the more reliable likes of Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs) and a much needed breath of fresh air on the heels of their Lacroix sale.

If forced, we'd have pegged Gareth for Gucci Group membership, but it's hard to imagine him under anyone else's control, financial or creative, and answering to a larger body who demands a certain measure of commercial success (because we're pretty sure Michelle Lamy, Rick Owens' wife and Pugh's current backer, loves him just the way he is).

Meanwhile, if Pugh joins the luxury conglomerate, shoes and bags are guaranteed and the thought of Gareth Pugh shoes knocks the wind out of us.

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