Lucky Outgrows its Pages

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Over the weekend, you may have read about Lucky magazine's new iPhone application, Lucky at Your Service, a shopping feature that allows readers to locate the exact location of any item featured in the March Lucky, complete with a customer service center that will text you with notifications like, "Your Chloe dress is now set aside for you at the Soho Bloomingdale's."

So far, the service is free and you can only locate items featured in the March issue. But in the future, Lucky wants to offer users the ability to search for items in upcoming issues, too, which has us wondering:

1. For how long can this service co-exist with the magazine itself? Why pay for the print edition when everything in it will be available in your phone, and with the added bonus of being able to automatically pin point where that perfect pair of booties is hiding?

2. There's no way this can be free for too long - We picture Lucky at Your Service becoming a hit with Lucky readers (the same people who pay to read a catalog - though, full disclosure, we think there's nothing to get you in the mood for Fall fashion like the September Lucky) which would pretty much make the print edition useless, probably within a year.

So, does Lucky realize this? Absolutely. We think this is the smartest method to fighting folding - while preserving your brand image, too - we've seen so far.

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