Loyalty and Mascara at Kiehl's

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Fact: Kiehl's customers are die-hard - they don't call it a "cult" favorite for nothing - and will go on and on about everything from the Crème de Corps to the Grooming Crème until you kind of want to shove their Lip Balm #1 down their throats. If you've ever wondered how the 158 year-old brand keeps up such hype, you might like to know it's because they actually listen to their customers.

Case in point: Late last year, they launched a stronger hold version of their Clean Hold Styling Gel. Not because some big name stylist declared that stiff hold was in, but because a group of customers said they'd really like it.

And now, they've launched their new Marvelous Mineral Mascara (on shelves as of yesterday), a direct result of fervent requests by loyal consumers who wished for a natural mascara that also conditions lashes.

I got my sample yesterday and tried it immediately even though I abused them with tests last week. The formula glided on without any tugging, and washed off with minimal discomfort to my lashline. There was some smudging around midday, but nothing too horrendous, and the crazy separation and decent amount of length means it's officially entered heavy rotation on my bathroom sink.

And even if I wanted a totally smudge-proof option, I know all I have to do is complain to the right people, and poof, it'll be a click away on their site. And with consumers dropping like flies, more beauty brands would be wise to focus their efforts on keeping their fan base happy instead of coming up with the next limited edition “it” nail polish shade.


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