Love to Love You, Zac


In a brightly lit section of his lofted office space downtown and set to the tune of a "Love to Love You, Baby" remix, Zac Posen showed his 09/10 Resort Collection to small groups throughout the day. We took in the collection with Kate Lanphear, Hal Rubenstein, and supermodel Pat Cleveland, whose daughter Anna closed the show, as watched beaming with pride.

Hana Soukupova opened the 30 look collection in structured day dress and was followed down the short runway by girls like Sessilee, Alana, Tiiu, and Jeisa. Mannequins around the room, and even one seated in the front row, showed off additional pieces of the resort collection.

The designer referenced the Studio 54 days of Nan Kempner and Kay Thompson, where they'd be hosting a fancy garden party by day and grooving at the famous club by night. We were particularly taken with the bright bows and one ridiculously larger than life cape over a bubblegum pink gown. And this perfect polka dot suit!

Like all things Zac, it was refined and structured with a few over-the-top elements thrown in for a bit of fun and whimsy. From the splashes of orange under skirts, to the hot pink patent shoes and some super dramatic headwear, it made us smiley and happy in that special way that only Zac can make us feel.

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