Love Letter #29375

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Dear Rihanna,

I don't know much about your music. Mostly because I tend to pick up on music from the boys in my life and yours aren't exactly their go-to tunes. But you're on my radar (because I don't live under a rock) and I'm digging your sartorial choices.

I know you have a red carpet/video/tour stylist, but I'm pretty sure when you walk out of the house in something like the Chris Kane dress at left, you've thrown it on all by yourself. Between that and your Stella sailor cardigan, the slouchy bag with which you dressed down that Alex Wang dress, your Balmain touches and this necklace you're rocking all over NYC, we're impressed.

So please wear more Chris Kane, check out Charles Anastase and maybe grab one of Marios Schwab's 3D dresses? Also Ann D's ribcage belt probably has your name etched along the spine and we'd love to see you in some Rodarte knits.

In closing, thank you for branching out where so many wear faded white tees and leggings - you're like Michelle Obama for the Hollywood set and we kind of love you for it.

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