Louboutins for Rodarte Beat Juicy

louboutins for rodarte in real life.jpg

Last night, we went to the Juicy Couture Flagship opening and if the economy's tanking, P & G have no idea.

There were heaping towers of macaroons and mountains of bonbons. Violinists played and ballet dancers danced in every corner. A live choir sang California Dreaming and waiters poured champagne like they got paid by the drop, all while wearing what we're pretty sure was pink gift wrapping ribbon around their necks.

Anyway, then this happened:

Britt: Is that Martha Stewart?

Faran: Oh my god. Louboutin for Rodarte. In real life.

Britt: Is it weird if I talk to her about the pumpkin I baked?

Faran grabs Britt and runs to Louboutins.

Faran: Um, your shoes! (pointing at woman's feet)

Louboutin for Rodarte Owner: Yes?

Britt: What are they??

Louboutin for Rodarte Owner: Christian Louboutin.

Britt: I mean, I know, but...how?

Faran: She means how in the world did you get them?

Louboutin for Rodarte Owner: Christian gave them to me.

Then she whipped around on her towering heels to order another drink.

And then we skipped past Sarah Silverman and Lisa Loeb to tell a friend who said that one can, in fact, custom order the studded seven-inchers for around $3,000.

If only the pack of twelve-year-old Juicy fans knew what they were looking at, but alas, they were far too busy with Penn Badgley.

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