Liquid Eyeliner, but Better

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I don't know much about beauty.

I'm a wash my face and go kind of girl, after three swipes of mascara at least, but I've always been slightly obsessed with liquid eyeliner. But despite all of the brands I've tried - MAC, Nars, Dior, you name it - I've never been able to perfectly apply both lids in under ten minutes.

And so this weekend, while roughing it at a friends house in the woods, I was confused when she emerged after three minutes in the bathroom with perfectly applied cat-eyes. "Um, excuse me," I asked, "how did you do that?"

"Bobbi Brown liquid eyeliner gel," she said. So I bought it Monday morning, on my way to work no less, and have been using it these three days and love it so much that if I was the kind of girl who carried make-up in my purse, this would be the make-up.

It's insanely easy to apply and it stays pitch black all day. Also, it doesn't move - I know this because I furiously rubbed my eyes from exhaustion yesterday and it was still there afterward.

So if you're already addicted to it, great, if not, check it out.

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