Lipstick Jungle is Not Canceled

lipstick jungle ladies love the couch.jpg

When earlier this week, we got about twelve IM's all lamenting the cancellation of Lipstick Jungle, we thought, "Who watches Lipstick Jungle?"

Lots of you, it turns out. So grieve not: The Times reports today that rumors of the show's end were entirely premature, and that so many viewers tuned in last Friday via their TiVo's (which was not counted the first time around) that the network executives have decided to definitely finish out the series based on Candace Bushnell's novel, and may even order up another season for next year.

Lessons to be learned here: Many viewers do not watch television on real time anymore (a lesson we thought everyone learned from Gossip Girl), and people actually do have control over what's offered to them as entertainment.

So the next time we complain about reality TV invading the fashion world, we'll know to just shut it, because we're really the ones egging it on anyway by tuning in.

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