Like Steroids, for Lashes

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I've professed my love of lashes to you before.

While I remain clueless to the rest of the beauty industry, lashes I know and love and thus regularly spend $27 every couple of months on Dior. But you couldn't pay me $27 a day to take drugs to make my lashes longer. Especially not when said drugs may cause "red, itchy eyes and changes in eyelid pigmentation" and costs roughly $4 a day.

Because, ew.

The New York Times has a rundown on Latisse, the latest drug from Allergan (the geniuses who brought you Botox). Latisse has the same formula as the medication used for glaucoma, a formula whose side effects include longer, fuller lashes ("25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker") and costs about $120 a month.

There's something kind of asinine about using a drug that's actually meant to cure a disease for purely cosmetic reasons (this includes Botox), but Latisse already has tons of fans and is expected to be an $80 million business by 2012.

So, would take drugs to make yourself prettier?

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