Like Priceline, for Shoes

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An internet analyst just launched a site dedicated to online price matching.

It's called and it scans the internet for the same product at different prices so that consumers can compare everything in one place instead of searching for the lowest price.

But it's for electronics and we're more interested in shoes than car stereos.

So, we're getting you started with a few comparisons to highlight which sites are making the biggest online price cuts. (Because we've noticed online prices are generally higher than in-store prices anyway.)

For example, this season's sequin stiletto Miu Miu Mary Janes are $349 at Barneys, $432 at Net-a-Porter and the non sequin version is $455 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Phillip Lim's layered cashmere sweater dress is $299 at Barneys, only a dollar more at Bergdorf but still $450 on Net-a-Porter.

The Stella McCartney patent wedges Mary Kate wore in Elle UK in September? $479 at Barneys, $687 at Net-a-Porter and still a ridiculous $802 at Bergdorf.

So far, Barneys seems to be the best bet and we'd say stay far away from Net-a-Porter until they realize it's silly to sell Phillip Lim Spring 07 for hundreds of dollars.

We could play this game all day, but we're pretty sure they're shooting Gossip Girl on our street and snow will not stand in the way of seeing Chuck.

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