Let's Explore Marine Makeup

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June's still pretty far off but it seems like nobody told the beauty brands. Summer makeup will start to hit counters next week (if it hasnt already) and with it comes the usual deluge of "surf and turf"-themed colors and products.

The ocean is the go-to “inspiration” for summer, but honestly, if I see one more turquoise liner or coral gloss I’m going to boycott makeup altogether. Fortunately, amidst all the tired beach crap, emerged two inspired interpretations of the marine trend.

Chantecaille’s limited edition La Baleine compacts for face and eyes, which launched earlier this month, feature an intricately embossed image of a Blue Whale and her calf. I personally love the palette's gorgeous scene, and the actual shadow shades — pale blue, blue-grey and champagne — are interesting and totally on-trend for spring. Plus, 5% of proceeds from the $98 palette are donated to the International Conservation of Nature to help in the fight to protect whales and their watery homes. This is the fifth environmentally-themed charitable initiative from the brand, with past palettes featuring everything from tigers to butterflies.

Granted, $98 bucks for an eye shadow trio is pretty crazy and I don't know many people who have that kind of cash to drop, even if it is to help save the whales. So for a more realistic aquatic acquisition, I’m all for this Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasure Brush Set. The set, which retails for $19.99 and is available next month at Target, features a summery coral print bag and six makeup brushes with handles that are designed to look like, what else, coral. The overall effect is chic, whimsical and proof positive that quality, trend-driven products can be inventive without costing a fortune. Now if only the hot weather would hurry up and get here…


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