Lean, Mean, Preen Machine

the preen power dress now in red.jpg

Recent fashion news has often gone like this: Doom, gloom, a little more doom, some gloom deep-fried in doomsday, with a hologram of a Louboutin on top.

So we were a little surprised when we came across the Preen page on Net-a-Porter (ok, it's in our Favorites) to see that the Power Dress now comes in two more versions - red, undoubtedly the Christmas / New Year's / Valentine's Day dress of choice for those with year-end bonuses of $1300 on hand, and a completely symmetrical version of the basic black.

The newest stock tally: Red is already sold out in large, and the original black is currently unavailable in x-small, medium and large.

Which begs the question, who's buying this dress? You? Because with this fashion phenom clearly not going on sale anytime this year (or ever, which is our bet), it's defying all recession / holiday sale logic, and coming out a winner.

Which must count as good news, somewhere out there.

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