Lauren Conrad on Actual Campuses

lauren conrad collection look.jpg

If you happen to be a college student in Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis or Los Angeles, and a fan of the Lauren Conrad Collection, then you're in luck.

Lauren's kicked off a college-tour of her line, The Lauren Conrad Collection College Tour, bringing a runway show to each school along the way. Apparently, she's figured out that her key customer is young, in school, and probably in a sorority, and much more likely to buy the clothes if she graces the middle of class schedules with a fashion show.

Confirmed schools include Georgia State, Georgia Tech, University of Texas at Austin, University of Minneapolis, Brandeis and BU, and shows will go on through the next month.

In other celebrity-design news, have you seen Nicole Richie's first line for House of Harlow? Because we have to say, Kitson or not, we're pleasantly surprised, and picturing that Pyramid Bangle with everything come Spring.

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