Lara Stone: Icon Yet?

lara stone paris vogue cover.jpg

The Lara Stone Vogue Paris is in and it is, as promised, all Lara.

In the first few pages, the issue declares Lara the "rare bird" of the new model generation, likening her to a combination between Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton, and pretty much any famous supermodel you can think of.

Olivier Zahm, in his interview with her, proclaims Lara "a model of a different kind, one you don't see very often" with the body of a "1970s Playboy model" and the face of a child. He also asks why she never called him back and that he would very much like to have a glass of wine with her later to which she politely giggles.

The Lara-only editorials are shot by a handful of the best fashion photographers out there: Terry Richardson, Nan Goldin, Peter Lindbergh, Heidi Slimane among them. And between each editorial are artistic interpretations of Miss Stone by Peter Beard, Rupert Shrive, Franceso Vezzoli, and others, all ringing with a distinctly iconic tone.

Okay, we get it. Lara is smoking. But she hasn't exactly reached icon status yet. So is it just us or does this all seem a bit premature?

We think you should decide for yourself, so we've included here both interviews from the issue with Lara - a quick Q&A and her longer interrogation by Olivier - because we think her words might add a new dimension to the debate (Ok, not really, we just think models talking is always fun). As always, let us know what you think.


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