Lanvin + Acne = $600 Jeans

lanvin for acne denim dress 1.jpg

Eight months ago, when Lanvin and Acne Denim announced a collaboration based entirely around denim, we thought, "Huh?" But then we remembered that those bright poufs Alber designed for Spring 08 were made of polyester, and decided to file the collaboration under "Maybe" in our heads.

As of now, the results are in on Acne's site (look by look slideshow after the jump), and we're kind of half-pleased, half-disappointed.

An example: Though we could see the dress at left on someone like Charlotte York (yes, we went there), the girl would also have to have the bank account to match. The dress is $810, putting it in the middle of the range's price spectrum. And it's made of denim.

Is it just us, or does that seem like too much money for a dress that might only live up to its wonder if you get to walk around saying, "Yes, it's Lanvin"? Because it's not like it has the same show-stopping quality as those polyester clouds so synonymous with Alber.

Or maybe, we're being cheap?

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