Lady Gaga, Meet Pam Hogg

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Full disclosure: I didn't know much about Pam Hogg before her show this afternoon except that she used to play music, that LOVE has a David Sims-shot editorial of her clothes and that hers was a really coveted ticket since it's the first time she's shown a proper collection in years.

But it was clear, walking into the Science Museum, that this was the show for the cool kids. And, yes, everyone even remotely related to fashion in this city looks pretty cool, so I'm referring to a whole new level of cool. Even the six-year-old boy in front of me had a guitar purse and majorly mohawked hair. The crowd, including Gareth Pugh, oohed, ahhed and cheered with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for Charlotte Ronson's familial shows.

Dazed's Fashion Editor Katie Shillingford styled the show which opened with jumpsuits: Neon jumpsuits, pastel jumpsuits, metallic jumpsuits made of latex, velvet, lace and leather before moving into more wearable dresses in the same aesthetic.

Her final pieces - a barely there dress of layers and layers of tulle, a completey sheer beribboned gown and the black lace, rhinestone encrusted goth bride dress with which Alice Dellal closed the show - were really spectacular, especially considering she handmade all of her samples with just one other person.

Afterwards, we wondered just how much Lady Gaga's clothing line will be inspired by Pam's.

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