Ksubi + Cobrasnake Again, Mates

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Just like with the Cory Kennedy/Paris Hilton tee from earlier this year, Cobrasnake and Ksubi are teaming up once again, this time for an exhibition of Mark Hunter's "social photography" (press release's words, not ours), in Ksubi's Australian stores.

The exhibit includes 200 signed photos lovingly curated from Mark's hard drive, all of "young girls" (press release's words, not ours) once featured on Cobrasnake, shot in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, LA and Sydney.

If you want to catch the exhibit, titled "Too Young" (press release's words, not Girls Gone Wild's), stop by the Bondi Beach Ksubi store in Sydney at 6pm, or at the Armadale store in Melbourne on the 28th (full details after the jump).

Mark himself will be on hand, signing limited-edition tees and prints available for purchase, which, unbelievably, people will actually buy (ok, our words).

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