Kate's Talking and Talking and Talking…

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We're kind of wondering what happened to Kate Moss' vow of silence.

Thirteen years ago, when she was dating Johnny Depp, one of his PR people suggested she avoid future interviews to build an air of mystery.

She made it through childbirth, Pete Doherty and a nasty cocaine scandal without saying a word but now, she's everywhere. Well, she was always everywhere, but now she's actually speaking everywhere.

You know we love Kate - love her, loved her Interview interview especially - but we don't understand why she's suddenly so press happy. At first we thought, "Ok, well, she has to sell her Topshop line." But then this weekend, she spoke to the Times UK about how she gets ready to go out. She suggests putting "keys and money" in your purse for a night of fun and loves "vodka tonics."

Sometimes, we like to know that famous people are just like us, but sometimes, they're better off with that air of mystery - and that's the meanest thing we'll ever say about Miss Moss.

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