Kaleidoscope On Your Nails

chanel kaleidoscope.JPG

Thirty dollars on nail polish might sound obscene.

But if you buy only one bottle for Fall, and you paint it on yourself, it's totally justifiable. Especially if it's Chanel. And especially if you're in Paris, like me.

I snagged a pretty bottle of their new Kaleidoscope paint yesterday morning and I haven't stopped staring at my nails since. It's the partner shade to the gold everyone's raving about, but so much better.

It looks, at first, like a pewtery silver, but then it gets lighter. Sometimes it's green and sometimes it's pink, but it's always shimmery, which means it goes with everything.

It's like the silver Wet n' Wild I had in high school, but way more grown up and even a bit sophisticated. Not to mention it goes on ten times easier, and without brush strokes.

If you see it, try it, thank us.

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