Kai Kuhne Hearts Structure

Kai Kuhne Fall 09 19.jpg

Kai Kuhne showed at the Eyebeam last night, our favorite Fashion Week venue, and he did not disappoint.

Though the show was a bit serious - and the Golden Girls-style wigs the models wore too funny when you thought about it - the actual clothes were so technical that most people's heads moved with the models.

Kai Kuhne has showcased his talent for tailoring every season since his break with Asfour (now called ThreeAsfour) in 2005, but Fall 09 was about structure to the extreme - Even loose-fitted pants had enough strategically placed seams and gathers to make them fall just so, and the majority of the dresses had so many cuts and folds you'd have thought they could stand up all on their own.

Of course, the one problem is that the incredibly elegant, super long, super lean silhouette works almost only on models, so whether we ever see these clothes outside of the Eyebeam remains to be seen.

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