Just Say No


This morning Page Six reports that Lindsay Lohan is in Paris talking to the House of Ungaro about a role as a "creative consultant."

Apparently, Esteban Cortazar isn't happy about it. And rightly so. If this is true, we hope he stands his ground against this very transparent publicity ploy.

He's the best thing that's happened to the house in a long, long time. And they would be well-served by keeping him around for a while to give some much-needed continuity.

Furthermore, we just can't understand how one could think of Ms. Lohan as the go-to choice for any sort of fashion gig. Her style isn't exactly interesting or wide-ranging. The actress has a hard enough time getting a job in her chosen profession. And obviously she isn't the poster child for reliability.

And what on earth does she have to do with Emanuel Ungaro?

We truly hope she can salvage her once promising acting career. We've long rooted for her to get that all sorted out and come back with something as beloved as Mean Girls.

But, Lins, if you have to do the fashion thing, please stick to the leggings.

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