Just Get Naked! No Excuses, Please

french playboy2 1.jpg

Today, we found out that Carol Alt will be posing for Playboy. Weirdly, this is not surprising - we've been tracking the naked chick trend for a while, ever since French Playboy started to get all high fashion on us.

Nakedness doesn't bother us (obviously) - we think you should be able to take off your clothes as you please. But what's with all the excuses?

Carol says she's taking it off to send the message, "eat healthy, look healthy and be healthy." And Lily says she wrapped her knee-socked legs around a plush teddy in the name of "art". Neither mention paychecks, but then again, neither mention the word "porn", so we guess it evens out.

But when you think about it, models and famous faces have been baring it all for PETA for about a decade, which is obviously for a good cause, but would we think so if it was Traci Lords baring her business on every newsstand claiming it's for the animals?

Because the only message we're picking up on is that nudity is great as long as your publicist has a boatload of excuses and maybe a cause behind it.

And on a not-really-side note, where the hell is James Franco's PETA ad? Because then we might really believe that people are earnestly using nudity to say something other than that tits sell.


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