Jimmy Choo Makes Clothes For H&M

jimmy choo for hm 09.jpg

Jimmy Choo's next up for H&M.

Tamara Mellon is designing shoes and bags for the Swedish mega-store, as well as a full women's collection for the November launch. The clothing, however, is meant to complement the accessories, not the other way around. They'll also do a full range for men.

The whole things sounds kind of weird to us. We're usually thrilled with H&M's design collaborations and we know girls will scramble to buy something stamped 'Choo' - but why not let Jimmy Choo stick to accessories and find another great designer, one who'd love the opportunity, to design a solid clothing collection?

Not that we won't be there on opening day, it's just that we'll probably bypass the clothes for the tallest shoes we can find.

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