Jeremy Scott for Ksubi. Take 5.

jeremys ksubi sunglasses.jpg

Think pink and hearts. Now picture Ksubi jeans with a Jeremy Scott twist.

Whoa, right?

It's Scott's fifth collaboration for the Olsen-beloved Australian label, and there are enough skinny jeans and bustiers to dress the length of Bedford Avenue.

In fact, it looks suspiciously like Chloe Sevigny's first Opening Ceremony collection but Scott has sunglasses, sunglasses we really want - especially the baby pink ones with tiny black hearts peppered across the frames.

The collection debuted with his runway show in September, but we're sure you want close-ups. Scott clarifies, "The collection is inspired by the French Revolution and is parallel to today's social, economic and political climate, hence I titled the show 'Let Them Eat Gas!'"

Um, ok, sure. That's totally the vibe we got, too.

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