J.Crew Needs a Lesson in Subtlety

jcrew white coco jacket.jpg

We're pretty split on children in this office. Natalie loves them, Alexandra thinks they're adorable and Britt thinks they're obnoxious. We're kind of sure Brett agrees with Britt, but he's not here right now.

However, we all love kids' clothes, especially J.Crew's crewcuts collection - those kids are better dressed than most adults west of the Atlantic.

We felt the need to explain why we were browsing through the children's section of J.Crew's website and how we came across the $248 Ivory Tweed Coco Jacket.

We don't feel the need to explain why we're bringing this to your attention. But we would suggest taking note of the catalog description which oh-so-subtly admits that, "this little jacket is a nod to vintage."

It is indeed. As well as a nod to Karl Lagerfeld and the team of couturiers who continue to produce Coco Chanel's signature tweeds.

Tangentially, even if you're disgustingly obsessed with your gorgeous kid, do you honestly buy them a $250 white jacket?

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