Isabel Marant's American Pie


We should just write one form post that reads like this:

__________ showed ruffled dresses and tops layered under ________ jackets. The collection took a turn for ___________ toward the end with sheer ________ and some sort of _______ jumpsuit.

That's pretty much how Isabel Marant went. The fill-in words would be Isabel Marant, denim, the fancy, pants and childish.

The collection was shown to an all American soundtrack, or the French version of one, including Kids in America, then Crimson and Clover, Bette Davis Eyes, and Candy.

The show took place across from the Eiffel Tower to an audience including very American socialites who wouldn't look twice at the clothes if they hung in the Levi's store, (because that's where it looked like most of them belonged), but will no doubt eat up the bootie shorts, crocheted rompers and cut-out tops.

Or at least, that's what we want.

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