Is the New: Stylecaster & Facebook

jessica joffe stylecaster video.jpg

Stylecaster, a new website slated to launch this January, has gone live with four videos and a soft-launch blog to introduce readers to their concept.

The site bills itself as an Influence Network site, like social networking but instead of getting friends you get inspiration. They're using something called Sociocast which monitors individual users' taste and preferences to give each reader a totally unique experience.

We're guessing this means the site will remember which editor's style you like, who your favorite designer is, where you like to shop, etc. and from there the "experts" behind the site will shower you with specifically tailored style advice.

It sounds like it will take over most-distracting-procrastinator title from Net-a-Porter.

For now, we're just kind of obsessed with the Jessica Joffe video. She has multiple cute outfits layered over each other and strips down on her way to Café Gitane.

We might have to try that tomorrow.

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